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Top definition. Multiple POSitions available during time spent with an escort.

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May 4 Word of the Day. Carpe DM. This word means seizing the day via DMs. Multiple Positions Oral Sex. The abbreviation for My Personal Opinion. This ancient acronym presents addis ababa escorts at a given opportunity via or text.

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Abbreviation for "My Personal Opinion ". I don't really like cloudy days. Generally stands for 'Miserable Piece Of Shit' It is commonly used pineville escorts illustrate lack of the usability. I really tried it out but that MPOS didn't work!

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He occasionally samples himself playing live instruments. Genres he is most widely known for is house, techno, pseudo-dubstep, and hip hop.

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MPOS usually works alone, however has been known to collaborate in the past. The hit song entitled "Getaway" was co-produced with Freddie Q. DJ FQ. Sources indicate the song's name was chosen because of its action-movie style sound. In an interview, he describes the title as a "word escorts near bletchley airport homonym for Bach's Bouree, which is the main melody.

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He also mentioned in the interview that the guitar part was played, "note for note", live. This was because, he says, "I only knew how to play it on guitar. Escort girls calgary source estimates there are many other songs that were never officially released and are "probably on some hard drive somewhere.

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It's incredible how MPOS made such a phat song using a chorus composed entirely of one word! May 4 trending 1.

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