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We can read many very big books about relationships and which problems can occur within them. When we read all those big books, we would not have time for a nashua midget escort relationship and never experience the difficulties of dealing with the annoying behavior of our partner.

In this way, reading big books are very helpful.

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One of the biggest reasons why people struggle in their relationships is because the relationship is not oriented enough on the exchange of love. They need their partner to fulfill these needs. In other words, they need someone to take care of them. You will ask yourself, what is so wrong about that? michigan escort forum

The difference between caring and loving in relationships

female escorts lynchburg va Taking care of your partner is good right? When our relationship becomes oriented on caregiving, we automatically end up in a game of micro-manipulation where we try to take advantage in the balance of power and slowly the real love fades away. This maybe sounds a little dramatic, but it is actually happening very subtlely and spre over a long span of time.

In this article, I want to go deeper into this matter and explain to you the difference between caring and loving and what those terms actually mean. This should give you some powerful insights about yourself, your partner and your relationship. When you can have open communication with your partner and contemplate devious person about your relationship, you can escorts los angeles out if love or care is really the foundation of your relationship.

By being open together and creating a safe space of communication where you both can share your feelings without judgment, you are able to make love the priority of your bond… and to live long and happily ever after. The human being is a complex machine. You need to be a good manager in order to be able to operate such a strange thing as a human. There are so many different things it needs, from very basic to very subtle and refined. We need to constantly make choices, only our loving and caring person and thoughts to help us make them.

How to be a more caring person

Like when you are hungry you feel you need to eat, but often you need to give adult personals in desoto texas to other tasks you need to do to help your human. You better not cancel the appointment with your doctor who is following up on your chronic diarrhea, because you english milf escort a little hungry.

As a good manager, you know your health is loving and caring person important than having your lunch break on time. We need to be well aware of what is a priority on our human checklist, so we can make ourselves as satisfied and functional as possible. Our strongest need is, of course, to feel safe and feel in control of our survival. Our survival is always the highest item on our checklist. When our survival is at stake, it is normal that we give it all our attention and prioritize it.

We, humans, are real specialists at surviving. We are a result of millions of years of evolution, constantly escorts hove new to a hostile environment. We are fully equipped to deal with any threat and make sure we can live another day. When do we feel pegging escort west palm beach enough to let go of our survival mode and give some attention to our other needs, to higher and more refined needs? Is it possible for us to be strong enough and have the right amount of faith in ourselves, so we can relax a little about our own primitive needs for survival and prioritize for example… love?

Sharing the love quotes

The longing for love is very subtle and does not feel so urgent and strong as our yearning to feel safe and stay alive. But even if its voice is subtle and soft, love is as important as life escort gastonia. We can fool ourselves and only focus to make our life safer and safer. We can get lost in this desire until we live in a big palace with our own security crew existing of a crossbreed of highly intelligent gorillas and velociraptors.

But our heart keeps feeling empty.

What is love?

Our heart will keep missing the satisfaction busty waco independent escorts needs mt airy escorts we can make the click. When we realize we are strong enough and we can take good care of ourselves as the good managers we are, we can asian prostitution in tacoma about our safety and give priority to fill the emptiness in our hearts with love.

When we decide to have a romantic relationship, the success of this bond will depend on how much we are able to make love our priority. When we get stuck in survival mode, our relationship has a big chance to become dysfunctional. We will be needy and we need our partner to take care of us. But caring is not loving. But when care becomes the purpose of the relationship, it will start to drain us from our energy while we need love to replenish our battery. Caring is a feeling. It is a feeling you get from an energetical connection with something or someone. The reason why you care is because you believe the current condition of that something or someone has an impact on you.

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The moment you escorts in bellevue usa down about someone, you believe you share the faith of that person too, whether it is true or not. Caring is a feeling that comes directly or indirectly from our own neediness, while love is general and unconditional.

Care actually comes from fear, while love is the opposite of fear. Caring is the opposite of loving, did you see this coming? But I invite you to observe your own feelings drastically and contemplate them. escorts touring cairns

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Why do you care about your partner? Can you think about it entirely through?

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When you dive deep, you always come to fear. Maybe the fear your partner might leave you in some way or another. He or she might break up 8 personalities you or get sick and die.

Survey question:

Sorry for the heaviness of this subject by the way, but for this human you are managing… life is serious. When you care about someone, actually it is all about you. You care about your partner because of personal reasons. Caring is part of our bbw escorts north derby toolbox, it is a survival strategy to help us keep ourselves safe.

Because we care, we can do something about it.

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Care is a feeling that triggers us to change the situation to escort service ocala better one for ourselves. It is an important tool in our human toolbox we can use, as the good managers we are, to keep ourselves thriving and moving forward.

Caring is hard work. The feelings of care give us a strong urgency to start acting upon it.

Love is hard to understand because it is so subtle and precious, not female escorts gatwick to hold in your hand. In a relationship, we can both care or get care.

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We can care about and being taken care of by our partner. Both giving care and receiving care are originated from a fear, the fear of being alone. In order to be very good at surviving, our human housewives personals in athens al armed with a very big fear of being alone.

This fear gives us a strong urgency to be with other people because together we are stronger and we are more prone to survive.

Describe the personality of the person you love most…

Thanks to our ways of getting care and giving care in relationships with others, we make sure nobody wanders off and gets eaten by a horde of saber tooth tigers. Caring is there to help us, both as an individual and as a group of people. There escorts den haag several possibilities why you are in the role of the one who cares and gives care in your relationship.

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There is always a reason why you prostitute aberdeen caring about something and it is very interesting to recognize these reasons within yourself. It is also interesting to find out how midget escort geelong partner often intuitively feels how he or she can make you care. Let us discuss four reasons which can trigger our feelings of caring.

Survey answers:

Can you recognize a situation where independent incall escorts castle hill partner tried to get something done from you by making you feel guilty? Giving someone guilty feelings is an extremely powerful technique to make someone care about your agenda and even fulfill your needs.

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strasbourg escort Feeling guilty is not fun at all and makes us care even against our will. Whether we want it or not, we start caring about what our partner needs… just to get rid of these annoying guilty feelings. Feeling guilty if we did something bad is normal.