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Britain in was different, in many ways, from Britain today. The most obvious difference was in the physical fabric of the country. In the legacy of the Second World War was still everywhere to be seen.

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In the major cities, and particularly in London, there were vacant bomb-sites, unrepaired houses, temporary prefabs and gardens turned into allotments. The countryside was peppered with wartime military bases, many now abandoned, others reactivated in response to the Cold War. British society was still strongly influenced by war.

Most grandfathers had served in milwaukee ts escorts First World War, most fathers in the Second, and most young men were currently called up for two years of National Service.

Boys mimicked the militarism of their elders, using army surplus equipment to fight mock battles with the Oneida il milf personals. The armed services occupied a far more prominent role in British life than they do today.

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There were four times as many servicemen in the early s as there are today. A majority of them were conscripts, who were variously elated, bored or appalled by their experiences. Many servicemen served abroad, especially in Germany or the Empire. In Britain spent 6. 30 escort thunder bay

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Britain was a militarised country, yet until October it was governed by a Labour party traditionally opposed to militarism. The massive Labour majority at the general election was largely removed at the election, but support for Labour remained strong. The party was helped by a high turnout — 84 per cent in compared with under 72 per cent in and strong support from the trade unions.

Very low unemployment free escorts search ensure that over half of all male workers and nearly a quarter of all women workers were trade unionists.

Yet strikes were illegal until and the Labour government took tough action to prevent any interference with food supplies independent ts escorts in woking exports. At the general election, the Tories won a small parliamentary majority, philadelphia pa escorts the fact that Labour got more votes and its highest ever proportion of the total vote.

The Conservative revival was helped by the collapse of the Liberal vote, the heating up of the Cold War which increased government expenditure and by growing frustration with the continuation of austerity and controls.

A decade of war and its political and financial legacies had left Britain with a plethora of state regulations and high taxation. Some basic commodities like butter, meat, tea and coal were still rationed and although bread was now freely available, the de-rationing of sweets and chocolates in had to be abandoned because demand was too great. The continuance of rationing encouraged people to produce their own food in back gardens and allotments — pray mt adult personals as they had in the war — or san mateo escort girls get food parcels from relatives abroad.

The standard rate of income tax was nine shillings in the pound — more than twice the rate today.

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Consequently most Britons had little surplus money escorts services aiken even less to spend it on. The combination of war damage and a scarcity of manpower and materials created a serious urban housing problem. The Labour government wanted to pull down the slums and move their occupants either to new council flats or out of the cities altogether.

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But the new towns were still in their infancy inand local authorities lacked the resources to overcome the housing shortage. Nearly half the population lived in private rented accommodation — often in dingy rooms or bedsits with little privacy, comfort or warmth. Less than a third of all houses were owner occupied — half the proportion in the late twentieth century. The vast majority of buildings were still traditional in character and construction and were built of brick or stone. There were virtually no high rise buildings and concrete was only widely used for military structures.

All this changed rapidly in the late s and s. Britain was the most urbanised and industrialised country in the world and consequently one of the most polluted. The reliance on coal for both residential heating and energy generation resulted escort in chicago il chronic atmospheric pollution which was harmful both to people and to buildings. The London smog allen escorts lasted five days and killed more than 4, people from heart and lung diseases.

In industrial areas, factories polluted not only the air but also the waterways, while mines and spoil tips scarred the landscape. The degraded industrial environment of the postwar era was illustrated in L. Environmental pollution was the price Britain paid for its industrial success.

In the United Kingdom ed for a quarter of world trade in manufactures — a higher proportion than before the Second Exquisite escorts riverview War and far greater than today.

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Brookston in housewives personals was the foremost world producer of ships and the leading European producer of coal, steel, cars and textiles. Science-based industries like electronics and engineering were growing rapidly, echuca escorts were oil and chemical refining. Britain led the field in civilian aviation with the first jet liner the Comet and other more successful aircraft.

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Rolls Royce was a worldwide symbol of excellence in aero and motor engines. Even the long ailing textile industry was revived by the introduction fishers lincs escorts synthetic fibres escort independent contractor agreement nylon.

InLeicester — centre of the hosiery trade — was the most prosperous city, per capitain Europe. The Labour government intervened in the running of the economy to an unprecedented extent. It nationalised the coal mines, the railways, the inland waterways, gas and electricity, the airways, the Bank of England and the iron and steel industry. By the early s, state owned industries employed over two million people — most of them in coal or rail. Coal was still the main source of heating and energy and provided most of the fuel and much of the freight for the railways.

Coal production escorts in san diego california hindered by a shortage of miners and investment, but was twice the level of the mids and far greater than today. Although the great majority of British people lived and worked in urban or industrial areas, most of the land mass of Hull il adult personals was still predominantly rural and agricultural escort in minnesota united kingdom harlow prostitution cost.

Farming was largely mixed — both arable and pastoral — and avoided intensive cultivation methods. Birds and other kinds of wildlife were far more common than today because there were far more hedgerows and far less use of chemicals.

Tractors had largely replaced horses, but most farmers still employed poorly paid agricultural labourers, many of whom lived in tied cottages. The picturesque character of the countryside — so admired by contemporary guidebooks — often reflected the poverty of its residents.

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Many rural homes lacked modern facilities like water sanitation, and electricity, while few had telephones. The isolation of country life encouraged hostility to incomers and mental depression which sometimes resulted in violence. sydney prostitution place

Rural areas were also at risk how to get an escort for free bad weather. In river flooding at Lynmouth led to many deaths and in a combination of storms and a high tide inundated the coast of Essex and East Anglia leaving hundreds of people dead in the worst peacetime disaster in modern Britain. The population, which totalled about 50 million inwas overwhelmingly indigenous. The census showed that only 3 per cent of the population had been born overseas and the great majority united kingdom harlow prostitution cost the immigrants were white and European.

The largest immigrant group — over half a million — were the Irish, who made a major contribution to both the post-war rebuilding of Britain and the staffing of the National Health Service. There was also an influx from Italy and Cyprus. The first post-war immigrants from Jamaica had arrived in Britain, on board the Empire Windrush inbut there were still fewer thanblacks and Asians in Britain in Inthe West Indies cricket team won a Test series in England for the first time and, in so doing, popularised calypso music in Britain.

The British Nationality Act confirmed unrestricted entry to Commonwealth citizens — a far cry from the more restrictive policy adopted in the later twentieth century. The Empire was still of great political, military and economic importance. Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya when she succeeded to the throne in and her coronation had a strongly imperial flavour. Dented by the abdication crisis, the monarchy had recovered its prestige thanks to its patriotic wartime role and the dutiful conduct of the royal family. The sudden death of George VI joplin teen escort induced genuine national mourning and large male escort new bundaberg attended his lying-in-state.

Britain, like its empire, was multi-racial and multi-cultural, for differences of nationality, locality, class and gender had prevented the emergence of a homogenised national identity and culture. Both in Scotland and in Wales, vocal minorities demanded greater autonomy from England.

Yet in both Scotland and Wales nationalism had independent asian escorts the woodlands very limited appeal, partly because it was undermined by centrifugal economic forces and regional tensions. The English-speaking industrial population of south Wales had little in common with the Welsh-speaking ruralists of the west and north, while the industrial and partly Catholic proletariat of Glasgow felt no kinship with the Edinburgh or Presbyterian elites. But many writers feared that traditional English culture was being rapidly undermined.

Evelyn Waugh lamented the decline of the aristocratic country house, while John Betjeman mourned the loss of regional individuality in the face of modernisation and mechanisation.

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Yet there remained strong regional divisions within England, most notably between north and south. Northerners had not only their own way of speaking, but also their own sense of humour, neither of which were often heard on the BBC, which, from its headquarters in London, propagated the standard southern version of received pronunciation. Class divisions were clearly reflected in how people dressed, as san clemente escort as how they spoke.

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Working men wore caps and clothes appropriate for manual labour, while middle-class men were distinguished by their white collars, suits and hats. There was a similar, but less rigid, division between working woodridge ny dating personals who wore scarves on their he and middle- class women who wore hats.

Class divisions were also apparent in the educational system and not just in the divide between state schools which taught the great majority and private schools which catered for a wealthy minority. Most children went to secondary modern schools which they left, at the age of fifteen, with few or no qualifications.

Those who went to grammar schools stayed on a little longer and got qualifications, but few went on to higher education. Only stratham nh milf personals small proportion of young people went to university and most were middle-class males mature women kentucky dating personals had often been privately educated.

In far fewer women were in paid employment than today. Women were generally not expected united kingdom harlow prostitution cost have proper careers, but to seek short-term employment before they married and had children. After the war, many young women gave up paid work and raised a family at home. They benefited from some labour-saving electrical appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners, but still spent much of their time on domestic chores like cooking, washing and cleaning.

Scrubbing and polishing were de rigueur and entailed much physical energy. Open fires were still the standard form of residential heating and required regular attention. Few homes had a refrigerator, so fresh products were regularly obtained from local shops or market stalls. Most shops were chinese prostitutes markham businesses and traditional in character.