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Hello boston escort thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If unadilla ga adult personals can't find the you can resend it here.

Some features on this site require a subscription. He himself tells the story in his blog If it's true And racists Note the references to the "dodgy-looking ethnic holland escorts Immigration had the audacity to put him with As if he weren't half-Indian himself yes, as in Gandhi. Honestly, what an arrogant, Narcissistic, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing twat.

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I am sure that, after saying all those things, all the presidents of Europe will rush to cheap busty london escorts him a medal for sparing the EU from his Very Important Criticism. Uh, he's not blond or remotely Aryan. Escort services essex identifies with the other minorities and if you'd look at him he's very swarthy and dark. I know, R7. However, in his post he complains about being put in the same room with all the "ethnic" people who look "dodgy".

As the OP said, he is half-Indian and swarthy and dark, as you've pointed.

Rogan richards escort

That's why I was using irony to mock him - apparently, he is too Aryan huston escorts ethnic people and thus, deserves the Presidential Suite at the Ritz, preferably surrounded by other pure Scandinavians like him. I don't know who this dude is but R1's take on his post is completely off. He seems frustrated by the lack of knowing exactly what's going on bug never once does he seem entitled or attempt to blame anyone but himself.

He was detained on being a well-known prostitute Google me" Right there, what escort chelsea london have a psychological imbalance called Narcissistic Personality Disorder OP you come off as self-righteous churchie.

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And I don't get why you think gay TSA agents have to be closeted? I understood from his writing that he was refused entering US because he didn't have work visa, not because he's a "prostitute". If you didn't understand my argument and want to label me a churchie, top escorts london I don't give a flying fuck I've been called worse things and survived Why I hypothesize on a closeted TSA agent?

If the average straight guy, someone like your father, saw Rogan Richards, he wouldn't make much of him and think he's the average roided out, tweaked out bc personals How else do you think independent escort in colton TSA agent would know he's a gay prostitute Do you think they hire an Edward Snowden type of analyst to identify gay hookers and bar them from entry? Let's look at your logic The idiot hands over an Australian passport free personal ads "Tristan Hamilton" his real nameand gets asked if he is Rogan Richards and if he is planning to a do a show in June in New York They've managed to connect all those dots, yet they're oblivious to the fact he's a escort girls manchester

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Oh OP, you seem invested in this escorts cooperstown west valley city some reason. I have no idea if Richards is hooking but I understand he's doing paid performances which was the reason he was refused entering the country. Did the TSA agent suspect he's hooking?

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Maybe, who knows. I reacted to your claim that the agent is closeted and to your creative interpretation of Richards' blog writing.

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Richards was possibly flagged the last time he was in the country for performing without a work visa and it was in his files. Without knowing better I assume that there might be "also known as" info about his performing name and about him being a porn star and a live escort gastonia info that might come from Australian authorities and that he's doing shows all around the world.

You sound like you have an axe to grind with Richards.

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At times I get annoyed with indian escort girls in grays making false claims about other people, and this was one of those times. No white folk here guys. Possibly one of the most hateful, deluded, self-loathing, out and out ignorant things I've ever read on DL. He was sent packing because he is working here. He has probably been on the list for a spell now, and you are looked at more closely if there is a lot of frequent international travel.

Richards has his information all over the internet that he's Australian, gogo boy, escort, etc with all the prices. What's funny is that he is scheduled to be the featured performer at "The Cock" this month. I guess that ain't happening.

I recall another true story similar to this one about a year ago A British guy had a business here that did something for bands. Anyway, the group accidently took a high class escorts oxford turn and entered Canada. In order to get rogan richards escort into the USA the group had to show their passports. No problem all of them leathermen personals. Of course he told them.

Although he had a visa, he did not have a work visa. They held him, I believe, for a few days and then put him back on a plane to the UK! So, this type of thing does happen. I have never been to Australia I don't think Richards has been to New York Never been within 5, miles of this guy's presence So what ax to self destructive personality could I have?

I have seen him online I've read the shit he writes, and YES, I think he's adult personals bellevue asshole But that's the full extent of it. R24; Oh, yessss He was a featured performer at the Adonis, that wreck pattaya escort girls a messalong with Marcus Patrick I cringed myself at having even written it, and realize it sounds almost Nazi, but you have to look at the full context and conceptualize who you're really weeding out here The outdated immigration HIV policy was unfair by barring entry to anyone with known positive status But, in this case, you have the certainty that this individual is going to engage is sex trade: such is one of the main reasons why he's even coming If you had the certainty that he's infected, is it sound to let him through?

Rogan richards escort

OP, midget prostitute santa ana should you care if he sells his ass? I don't understand this hateful glee you're having. I saw you had posted some hateful shit on another Richards thread as well. You really sound like some church lady kaviar escort can't stand the thought indian escorts in kent guys fucking for money. Why should America let in foreign whores?

Don't we have a surplus of such people now? Prices are so low you can't hardly feed your family off the plumpest apple-ass around. Ya know R28, it's only my opinion, but I think some of us are a little bit jealous of these guys. Hear me out These rogan richards escort guys are good looking, bodies to die for, travel all over the world, and someone might think of their own circumstances, and wonder how do they get the money to do all of this? Are they fucking every hour? It's all about priorities. As far as looks, you work with what you have, and come up with your own sense of style.

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As far as body, it's a lot of hard work, and you just do it. Rogan Richards has an amazing body, but he wasn't born with it. As far as international travel, where there is a will there is a way. Hostels, apartment swaps, meeting people on the internet are just some ways that can make that happen without a iowa city escort prices of money.

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I love my foreign friends! They don't think about where they are going to go to on New Year's Eve. They think about what country will they celebrate the new year in! You don't have to sell your ass to do all of this, you can if you female escorts liverpool, but you don't have toit's about intellectual curiosity, and wanting to see the world.

Leave the sex out of it, and think about what this guy has seen, and the people that he has met. He's living his life!